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Become a “Data Ace” with BIPC Databases

£1000s in value, free, with expert assistance and user guides to help you. What’s not to love?

This Autumn, BIPC Devon are bringing the focus to the valuable resources known as Databases.

Although the spreadsheets, rows and columns may seem a little daunting, with a little focus and a little guidance, you can get your hands on information which will help you make informed business decisions like a pro.

Becoming a ‘Data Ace’ starts with finding what type of data is most relevant to your business.


  • Lists of Funding Opportunities
  • Data on Emerging Markets
  • British Standards
  • Commercial Risk Analysis
  • Financial Insights
  • Strategy Reports
  • Impact Statements
  • News
  • Contacts
  • ….and more!

Most of the database resources available through BIPC are paid-for, but you don’t have to pay a thing – we’ve already paid for you!

To gain access to the data, all you need to do is be a library member, or register to become one.

Then browse the database resources using the user guides and extract the information you need.

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