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Bedroom to Business Starts in 2 Weeks!

Creators, are you ready to take your business to the next level? 

Covid has been tough and it has pushed many people to find alternative sources of income.  You’re not just another solopreneur, you’re a creative-pioneer who has started something remarkable despite the challenges of a global pandemic.  You’ve discovered something you love to do, and it has the potential to grow and support you financially.

But what is your next epic move?  How can you take your passion from bedroom to business?

Join our 13-week course “Bedroom to Business”, starting on the 6th September, designed to help Creators make sense of the entrepreneurial journey ahead.  Step by step, week by week, we’ll take you on a journey of entrepreneurial learning.  At the end of the 13-weeks, you’ll have all the tools you need to establish your business for success.

The Small Business Sales Expert and Founder of the Small Business Sales Academy, James White, will be your facilitator and guide on this journey.  He is a keynote speaker, author, trainer and mentor for ambitious small business owners. 

Simply put, there is a right way and a wrong way to approach business and selling.  Through the building and growing of his own small businesses, James’ has adapted 20 years of his own business mistakes and successes and developed a practical method that small business owners can use to achieve a consistent, secure and stable income in their own business. James is also a speaker and he delivers bespoke sales content at business events or as part of his training programs and Academy.  James has reached thousands of people, delivering his insights and unique methodology via his YouTube Channel @jameswhitesales.

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