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BIPC Devon Outreach: Supporting inmates at Exeter Prison

BIPC Devon Outreach: Supporting Inmates at Exeter Prison

Did you know that BIPC Devon visits Exeter Prison to provide business support to inmates as they prepare to be released?

Jo Lawrence from BIPC Devon visits the prison on a regular basis to explain the resources and support available to those who are considering starting their own businesses.  Many fear employment will not be an option for them, so starting their own business seems a natural option and will help promote positive outcomes for people as they transition back into life outside of prison.


Jo says: “We sit and chat to each inmate individually and find out what business they run or are considering running. We then explain the relevant resources that are available to them at the BIPC and how we can support them.”


In addition, it is the perfect time to highlight other ways the library can offer support when released.  This includes free access to computers when looking for accommodation, employment, completing benefit claim forms, etc. Free unlimited wi-fi, access to local information, and just having a safe, warm, dry space to spend time, without worrying about the heating bill!

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