British Standards Online User Guide

British Standards Online allows you to view the full text of current, draft and withdrawn standards British Standards, and international standards adopted by the British Standards Institute.


BIPC are here to help. Many resources are paid-for, so BIPC has an account which allows you to get access with your Library card and PIN!


Available at Exeter, Barnstaple and Paignton libraries. Go to, click British Standards, then follow the links to Devon Reference Online or Torbay Reference Online. Click the ‘Open BSOL’ button.

✔Access British Standards at home with your Devon Libraries or Torbay Libraries card. Go to, click British Standards, then follow the links to Devon Reference Online or Torbay Reference Online.

Log into My Account at the top of the screen with your library card and PIN. An ‘Open BSOL as a Library Member’ link will be displayed near the top of the page (Torbay) or below the information about British Standards (Devon).

Bristish Standards Online My Account Screenshot
Access British Standards Online Graphic


We’re in to the ‘nitty gritty’ now – this is where you find the gold!



Quick Search: If you know the standard you’re searching for, enter the number or name in the box on the top right of the screen and click the magnifying glass to search. You do not need the full details – entering keywords/numbers and clicking the magnifying glass will pull up a list of options for you to choose from.

Advanced Search: Further options including search by date, status or ISBN are available through the Advanced Search link, below the toolbox.

Filtering your Search: Use the options on the left of the screen to narrow your search down. You can search within your results, choose to only see items within our subscription, or just filter by status to just see current standards.

Viewing your Results

If the document is available in our subscription, you will see the following options. 

Preview: quickly view the contents page and bibliographic details, and get an idea of when any updates were made.

Quick View: click on quick view to navigate and read the full document (see below)

! Download PDF: our subscription does not permit users to save or download documents. You can log in to view the relevant standards whenever you need to.

British Standards Online Search Filtering Options Screen
Subscription Status Screen

Using Quick View

British Standards Quick View Screenshot

Click Quick View to view full text of document. Use toolbar to navigate. Helpful tools include:

  1. Switch pages between portrait/landscape, e.g. to view diagrams
  2. Slide to increase/decrease zoom
  3. Full screen sometimes displays blank page. If this happens go back and re-enter document.
  4. Navigate directly to particular pages
  5. Search within document
  6. Click ‘Return to BSOL’ to go back to main search screen.


User Guides

Once logged in, click on ‘Help and FAQs’, near the top of the screen. From here you can search the FAQs, or download the full user guide from the menu on the left of the screen.

BSOL Screen


Pat yourself on the back! You’re using Data to help your business.

Please feel free to contact BIPC Admin if you need any further help in using British Standards Online.