Frost & Sullivan provides global market research, strategy reports and technical insights, and has a focus on high-tech industries. Key sectors include energy, healthcare, chemicals, IT, telecoms, electronics, industrial automation, transportation, energy, and defence.


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Go to any library in Devon or Torbay, visit Reference Online and you’re away!


Available from inside any library in Devon or Torbay. Go to Devon Reference Online or Torbay Reference Online, click the ‘Open Frost & Sullivan’ button. You do not need a username or password.

! Frost & Sullivan is not currently available at home.

Access Frost & Sulivan Graphic


We’re in to the ‘nitty gritty’ now – this is where you find the gold!



You can search or browse the database in different ways, from the icons which run down the left of the screen

The Latest Research from Europe displays when you open Frost & Sullivan. To see the most up-to-date reports in your industry of interest, use the drop-down arrow next to Market. You can also change the region or type of research displayed.
European research is shown as default. Select World from the drop-down menu next to region to see everything.

Frost & Sullivan Screenshot

Click on the headings in Browse by Industry (on left of screen) to narrow your search to your industry of interest. You can then select a sector and sub-sector, to limit your search further.

As before, use the drop-down arrows to limit by market, region or type of research or the search box on the right of the screen to search within these results.

Frost & Sullivan Screenshot


Quick Search

Enter keywords into the quick search box (top right of every screen) to carry out a simple search of the whole database.

Advanced search

Click the magnifying glass icon on the left of the screen to access the full range of search options. From here, the magnifying glass with the cross will give you additional options such as combining terms, searching within the whole document or title, or limiting by date.

Viewing your Results

Results list:

The results list gives the following information including the type of research, report number, industry sector and date of updates.


Hover your mouse over the title to see a summary of the report.
View Click the icon next to the title to view the full report.

Frost & Sullivan Screengrabs

Saving your results

Most reports are only available to read and view on screen. If saving/downloading is permitted, a PDF icon will appear in the top right of the screen.
However, BIPC staff can email two reports per month to you as PDF files. If you find reports you’d like to take away with you, please contact us on with the name, date and, if possible, the number of the report you would like sending across.

User guides

Help pages are available by clicking on the question mark icon on the lower left of the screen.
Purdue Library has produced a helpful short YouTube guide to using Frost and Sullivan at Start at 0.42, to skip the parts which are not relevant to Libraries Unlimited members.


Pat yourself on the back! You’re using Data to help your business.

Please feel free to contact BIPC Admin if you need any further help in using Frost & Sullivan.