Get Clarity Counselling: A Women in Business Success Story

When January 2022 came around Tina Walker had just started a 12 month sabbatical, after 16 years working in private practice, various charity and NHS settings as MBACP registered counsellor.

Dreaming of having the freedom to travel and wanting to spend more time living in Turkey, she knew that remote working was the only way to achieve this. 

Having already established her Private Practice ‘Get Clarity Counselling’ in Exeter alongside her day job, Tina was looking to re-launch, scale up and turn her side hustle into her main income. Focusing on her business development journey and seeking other like-minded entrepreneurs, Tina signed up for our ‘Women in Business’ programme.

Tina says;

Tina says;

“The Women in Business Program came along at exactly the right time for me. It included almost 40 bitesize training workshops, all of which were fantastic, informative, educational, and varied. They were mainly online and very relevant to starting out in business or entrepreneurship.

Training sessions included topics such as Mindset, Finding Our Why and Goal Setting, Accounting, Book-Keeping and Banking, Marketing, Website Building, Intellectual Property, and Trademarking; the list goes on… There were sessions by the local Business Manager of NatWest Bank, including a different take on banking!

Discovering the sheer volume and quality of resources and services available to us all at the BIPC and has been an eye-opener and a very pleasant surprise… No quiet shushing on the BIPC programmes…. I think we created quite a buzz from the room above the library…. networking with other amazing women on the programme has been an absolute joy!”

Driven by the strong desire to support people with lived experience of domestic abuse and coercive control, Tina has taken her learning’s from the ‘Women in Business’ program to expand her portfolio of support. At present, she is in the process of developing a program to provide specialist help to anyone who is struggling to manage addiction or lives with low self-esteem, anxiety, self-limiting beliefs or the ongoing effects of trauma. Tina is also using her expertise to write her first self-help book!

You can find out more about Tina, and her important work here!