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Intellectual Property & Contracts for Creatives

All the legal bits you need to know when turning your passion into profit. Covering Photography, Film, Written Word, Artists & Sculpture and Music, these five minute introductory videos on each discipline introduce you to the basics of Intellectual Property & Copyright.

Photography & Contracts

Find out about commercial licences, copyright and their restrictions and conditions, make sure you’re using your images carefully and within the law, and how to protect your own images.

Photography & Intellectual Property

How to rights to use, and ownership of photography work? Find out about moral and image rights, copyrights, legal title and other rights in this short video.

Film & Contracts

How to create contracts and agreements to protect intellectual property in the film industry.

Film & Intellectual Property

How many intellectual property rights apply to film, and under what conditions? Find out how intellectual property relates to parts of film production, from ideas to adaptation, unscripted ad-libs, moral rights & more!

Written Word & Contracts

In this video we’ll cover protecting the rights to literary works, copy, or other written words with contracts and agreements that are drawn up correctly.

Written Word & Intellectual Property

Find out how intellectual property relates to written word (including if the words are spoken or sung). What are the rights of an author?

Artists & Sculptors Intellectual Property

What is the criteria for artistic works covered by copyright? How do I prove the date of creation? When is a 3d object considered an artistic work and therefore covered by copyright? Find out in this short video!

Contracts for Artists & Sculptors

We’ll cover contracts you may find useful when commercialising or displaying your works. How to make contracts valid and enforceable. We’ll look at assignments and licencing, commercial agreements such as agency agreements, exhibition agreements and distribution agreements. Understand key points like ownership of commission works, and assignment of IP.

Music Contracts

Assignment vs licence agreements, what’s the difference? How do I make sure I can control who can play my music? How can I make commercial agreements what work for me? Find out the basics here

Music & Intellectual Property

Key areas of copyright that relate to music. When does it apply, or not apply to me? Do I need to register? How do I prove I created my work? Under what circumstance do I not own copyright? Find out in this short video.

These 10 videos were funded utilising the Community Renewal Fund (CRF), which is designed to promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship, delivered by Cotie, NODE, Fablabs and BIPC Devon, in high growth sectors. We hope these videos serve as a good introduction to the basics of IP and contract within those 5 creative disciplines, and we would invite those wanting to know more about how they can benefit from the CRF offering by the BIPC or any of its partners to inquire below. More information on our partner’s offering are as follows: 

COTIE – the Centre of Technology and Innovation Excellence – here to provide North Devon businesses with the tools to create their own . 

Our ethos is simple; we don’t believe that a business’ lack of facilities should be a barrier to their progress. That’s why we have created a space for innovation, design, research and manufacturing, where we can provide industry-standard amenities to the North Devon business community. 

Fablabs – FabLabs are open to anybody who wants to learn about digital making to invent, create and design, and turn ideas into reality. The facilities are often used by makers, designers, local businesses, inventors, artists and entrepreneurs. We welcome school and group visits too.  We offer a workshop programme throughout the year for both children and adults. 

NODE – We’re everything you need, all in one amazing space. Business support, events and networking opportunities together with a great place to work. Hot desk, fixed desk, meetings rooms and more, we’ve got it covered. 

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