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Introducing our January HighStreet Hero!

Grandpa's Gallery & Interiors

To celebrate the launch of BIPC Seaton, we wanted to focus on the incredible local business community. So today we are shining our spotlight on the one and only ‘Grandpa’s Gallery & Interiors’. 

The Seaton-based maritime gallery was founded by Collin McGreal in 2018 and inspired his family’s close connection with all things seaside. Collin tells his story…

“Grandpa’s Gallery and Interiors had been a dream of mine for quite some time. It all began when I was a young boy, my father would tell me of his adventures sailing around the world with the Merchant Navy, showing me pictures of his ships as they slowly sailed their way into the history books.

My mother’s passion for family and art would see her walls laced with beautiful frames, faces, and memories.”.


Becoming Grandpa...

When he and his family found their home in Seaton, Collin began working in interior design and developed a passion for creating homes that were both practical and beautiful. But it wasn’t until Collin became a grandfather for the first time that he felt it was time for a change;

“I became a grandpa to the most amazing little boy, Cayo King. In this new season, I figured it was time to open the doors to Grandpa’s Gallery, a space for the art I love so dear and a shop to host items both new and old that I truly believe will add a touch of beauty and culture to any room, house, and home.”

Collin first opened the gallery doors on Seaton High-street in 2019, and was overwhelmed by the support from his local community. Within the first six weeks, all sorts of people popped in;

“From awe-inspired children to local veterans eager to show their support and appreciation. Each visitor left a mark and quickly became a part of Grandpa’s Gallery’s journey and history.” 

Building a Creative Community

Collin is continually expanding and developing the gallery’s business model, shifting from not only a shop, but a place where the Seaton community can gather to appreciate great art and develop their own creative practice. Today Grandpa’s Gallery offers bespoke framing and upholstery service, personalised commissions, and creative workshops in partnership with local artists. 

Collin says;

“Now entering into our seventh year of Grandpa’s Gallery and interiors our journey has been one of amazing creativity and pleasure with many local artists in so many genres.

Not only are we proud of our relationship with the artists and artisans but with our community relationships. We are no longer Collin’s (Grandpa’s) but more Seaton’s Gallery, where customers can share the experience of homegrown local art with visiting family and friends, with Jazcott framing completing the experience.”

While the gallery expands and grows into a community space, Collin’s original inspiration for opening his shop full of maritime memories will always remain a constant;

“To bring you right up to date Cayo-King now has a beautiful little sister, so the business is in good hands.”.

Building a Business in Seaton?

Building a business in Seaton? BIPC Devon can help! 

Seaton Library hosts a Business Information Drop-In session between 10am and 12pm on the second Thursday of every month! 

Whether you are already an established business owner or are trying to find out how to turn your passion into profit, we can direct you to the information you are looking for via our vast array of online resources, and show you how to use them. 

No need to book, just pop in! 


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