"She Started It": BIPC Devon Start-up Grant for Female Founders


She Started It is a specialist grant programme designed to kick-start 18 brand new female-founded small businesses, based in Devon. It will require an application and evaluation of a business plan before being awarded.

Successful Applicants will receive:

  • A business support package up to the value of £1000
  • Up to 12 hours of business coaching support provided by a Business Expert, procured by BIPC Devon

The aim of the project is to stimulate innovation, new approaches and new ideas. It will support the recovery and growth of SMEs across Devon.

This programme will be delivered using a grant donated by NatWest. Alongside the support to these 18 small businesses, BIPC Devon will deliver flexible small-scale consultancy and business support packages to over 200 new start businesses across Devon, primarily during our Women in Business Courses.

Terms and Conditions:

Due to the nature of our funding £1000 grant you receive cannot be transferred as cash directly into your account. It must be spent on resources/training that will support your business ventures, which you will detail in your application. For example, in previous years successful applicants received £1000 worth of sessions with a web designer. If you have any further questions on these details, please contact us at bipc@librariesunlimited.org.uk.

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Applications Open in September

Please keep an eye on our socials for more information!