She Started It
BIPC Devon's Start-up Grant for Female Founders

She Started It is a specialist grant programme designed to kickstart 20 brand-new female-founded businesses.

Using a grant offered by NatWest, BIPC Devon is offering the women of Devon a chance to apply for a business support package worth £1,000. It is hoped that this project will help launch 20 new female-founded businesses.

To apply you must submit an application including a business plan. Your application will be evaluated and successful applicants will be contacted. If successful, you can choose from over 18 experts to deliver the business support package, this could be with a tax specialist, website designer, or marketing professional, for example.

Project Aim

To deliver flexible small-scale consultancy and business support packages to over 200 new small businesses across Devon, and help launch 20 new female-founded small businesses.

The aim of the project is to stimulate innovation, new approaches and new ideas and support the recovery and growth of SMEs in a post-Covid environment. It will support the establishment of new businesses and accelerate the growth of new start-ups many of which will have started during lock-down.

She Started It has 2 strands:

  • Female Founded SMEs looking to start their businesses will receive a business support package up to the value of £1,000.
  • SMEs will receive up to 12 hours of business coaching support provided by a Business Expert, procured by BIPC Devon.
Purple square with graphics of three women, one with dark long hair, one with dark short hair and one with ginger hair

The She Started It Grant is currently closed whilst we process the applications. Thank you to all those that applied.