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Moor Heart Copy: A Women in Business Success Story

Are you looking for convincing copywriting to make your brand sparkle? Then you need to check out Moor Heart Copy! A brand new business from one of our Women in Business Course attendees.

Tilly Lander Williams joined the BIPC network in 2022 through the Women in Business course. Having already founded a successful film and digital marketing business: Moor Heart Media, Tilly wanted her new expansion to focus on her copywriting expertise, so in Spring 2022 Moor Heart Copy was born!

Tilly says:

“I launched Moor Heart Copy in the Spring of 2022. Before this, I worked as a social media marketer, supporting small businesses and agencies with their online strategy and digital content.

I also ran a parenting blog: writing features for Huff Post, Babycentre, and Mumsnet. My experience writing website content and blogs lead to me taking on copywriting jobs for small businesses and agencies. Writing has always been my happy place, and soon it became obvious that I needed to hone my talent, so I upskilled and started offering copywriting as a service. The more I wrote and got great results for my clients, the more I loved it.”

Moor Heart Copy provides services including case studies, emails, website copy, blog posts, and social media posts. When you’re a small business, telling your story is probably the most important part of attracting new clients and growing your audience. Tilly works with her clients to help them discover their unique business story, and match this to the desires of their ideal clients, helping to convert a casual browser into a loyal and valued customer. Clever copy isn’t something that everyone can become an expert in, and it’s something many small business owners and entrepreneurs simply don’t find the time to do. Tilly realised the demand was there for her unique skills and took the plunge to make it happen.

Shifting Your Mindset

Like any other small business owner Tilly faced challenges, however it wasn’t the budgets or spreadsheets, as a former lawyer that was nothing new! It was the shift in mindset from being employed to being her own boss that was the biggest hurdle.

“The biggest challenge has been time, specifically changing my mindset around it. Leaving the rigidity of 9-5 (still hanging over from my job in a law firm) and allowing myself to work flexibly is essential to the logistics of my family life. Still, on the flip side, I have also had to be mindful of setting boundaries and not working when resting. Co-working has really helped with this. When I’m in a co-working space, I work productively. Then I go home and switch off.” 

Building your Business Support Network

“The Women in Business Programme launched at the perfect time. With a lingering post-pandemic feeling, I lacked confidence in putting myself out there and was overwhelmed by what I had to do to grow my business. I found the programme informative and empowering. It propelled me to move my business forward and connected me to a supportive network of other women in business who continue to inspire me

Moor Heart Copy will be coming up to its very first birthday this year and is going from strength to strength, here are just a few words from some of Tilly’s happy customers!

“Thanks to Tilly we have clear and consistent messaging and our homepage looks great and reads really well. We have already seen increased engagement in our site and hopefully over time an increase in our conversion. Tilly is so responsive and helpful to work with – she gave us a clear schedule of all the stages so I understood the process of creating the copy for our website. She is a dream to work with!”
– Nic Battey,  Founder,  My Mini Maker

Inspired by Tilly's story?

BIPC Devon is extremely proud to have supported Tilly in her journey to success, and we want to support you too. You can follow the exact same steps as Tilly by signing up for the 2023 Women in the Business course this Spring! Alternatively, if you can’t wait to get started you can catch up on all of the 2022 webinars here!

Images by Jess at Perspective Branding.

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