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March Spotlight On! – Your Zen Life

A Spotlight On Summer Bradshaw: Founder of Your Zen Life

This month we’re shining our Spotlight On, television producer turned positive psychology practitioner and founder of  ‘Your Zen Life’ Summer Bradshaw! 

After a highly successful but demanding career in TV production, creating hit programmes for the BBC, Channel 4, and Sky; Summer knew that she needed to take control of her own schedule, in order to spend more time with the people and in the place that she loves.

Today ‘Your Zen Life’ offers one-to-one coaching, workshops and courses all aimed at enabling clients to focus on the change they want to make in their lives, and providing the support, time and space needed to turn your goals into action!

Summer tells her small business story…

“I founded Your Zen Life 3 years ago on the back of finishing a coaching diploma. 

I knew I wanted to create a business and well-being platform that could grow as I did but, in all honesty, I was not entirely sure what that would look like or what it could become! 

I just knew I had a passion for people and helping them to move to another level in their life, I wanted to get the ball rolling and something palpable out into the world as soon as possible. Your Zen Life was born!” 

Whether it be job changes, house moves, evolving and different relationships or personal growth and transformation, I love to support change for those that want it and help find clarity and provide tools for those that are feeling stuck and unfulfilled.”


Where it all started...

Previous to creating my coaching business I worked for many years in television production. 

Documentaries were my favourite as they enabled me to spend a greater amount of time forming relationships with people, and learning about their lives and themselves. It was an absolute privilege. 

I gradually pulled away from the industry after having my two children, the job required me to be away filming for large chunks of time all over the world and despite having had many fun and wild adventures throughout my career, it just didn’t suit me or the new phase of my life anymore and I completed my last contract in 2017. 

As a West country girl at heart (having been raised in Cornwall) I established my new family life in Devon and started shifting my focus to all things entrepreneurship. Not long later, the  beginnings of ‘Your Zen Life’ was born!”


Why would I need a Positive Psychology Practitioner?

“Sometimes we just can’t see the wood for the trees in our own life. 

We are either not sure why we aren’t completely happy, or often we don’t know how to make that first change to set us on a different path for a better, more fulfilled life. In other situations we know what we want to change but we need to have some support and clarity in how to do it.

I believe that everyone deserves to be truly happy and content in themselves and that they are absolutely in control of their life journey if they are given the correct tools to navigate it.


As part of my continuing professional development, I have  (just!) completed a two-year MSc in applied positive psychology and coaching psychology. I am now a qualified Positive Psychology Practitioner and coach which I am exceptionally proud of. 

But what does this actually mean? (You may ask!) 

A Positive Psychology Practitioner is someone qualified in this scientific discipline that can educate and facilitate others on topics related to well-being and flourishing. It is evidence-based and person-centered and there are so many ways to bring it into the world.”

Creating Connections, Courses and More!

“At present I provide both online and in-person coaching to individual clients, as well as offering group coaching for a variety of different sections of the community.

I am especially passionate about working with women and Mum’s. I was thrilled to launch my first workshop ‘Career Clarity using Positive Psychology & Strengths’ in July 2022. It was fabulous! 

I’m hoping to do more of these soon as have a waiting list of amazing women ready to go! I think it’s a much-needed resource for mums and it was inspired by my own personal experience. 

Right now, I am designing further courses and workshops addressing how to use positive psychology in your business and workplace including positive leadership. Happy, emotionally intelligent, and communicative leaders, managers, and employees make for a much better working environment! In addition, this translates as better personal well-being therefore fewer sick days and higher productivity. A happy, well team really is everything! 

How BIPC Devon helped me...

I found BIPC last year through their ‘Women in Business Programme’. The resources they offer and the talent they utilise for business owners like myself are priceless. It offers connections to like-minded others as well as tools and information to help your business in a completely holistic way. I’ve found it a very valuable resource and will continue to use the services whenever I can.

Your Zen Life is my third baby! It totally has my heart and soul and I am very excited to watch it flourish and grow over the coming years. Wellbeing programs are so needed in the world right now and I hope to make a positive difference to as many people across Devon (and the world) as I can going, forwards!”

You can follow ‘Your Zen Life’ on Facebook or Instagram, or contact Summer at

Inspired by Summer's Story?

BIPC Devon is extremely proud to have supported Summer in her journey to success, and we want to support you too. You can follow the exact same steps as Summer by signing up for the 2023 Women in the Business course this here! 

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