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Start Up Grant for BAME Founders Coming 1st of August

BIPC Devon partner with Diversity Business Incubator to deliver a Start-Up Grant for BAME Founders

We’re delighted to announce that BIPC Devon are partnering with Diversity Business Incubator to deliver small business grants and business support packages to create 22 new BAME founded businesses across Devon!

The BAME start-up grant programme is designed to stimulate innovation, new approaches and new ideas and Kickstart brand new BAME founded businesses. It will require an application and evaluation of a business plan before being awarded, which will enable the start-up of a minimum of 22 new businesses. 

The Programme has 2 strands: 

•BAME Founders looking to start their businesses will receive financial support up to the value of £500. 

•BAME Founders will also receive up to 12 hours of business coaching support provided by a Business Expert, through DBI. 

How do I apply for this funding?

We require you to complete a simple application form and submit a business plan through a webpage on BIPC Devon’s website. This will be live from August 1st 2022.

At BIPC Devon, we know that many budding entrepreneurs have not completed a business plan before, which is why if you are looking for guidance on its content, please contact us at if you are unsure. 

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