Business & IP Centre Devon

Joshua Copus – Oxland

Josh is the Marketing and Communications Officer at BIPC Devon. Josh got his start off as a journalism graduate, but eventually found his way into marketing post-pandemic. He began his […]

Lisa D’Alberti

Lisa has worked in various Devon libraries for over 20 years.  She has been based in Barnstaple library since 2019 with responsibility for resources and information which includes the BIPC. […]

Jo Lawrence

Jo is Senior Supervisor: Resources & Information.   Starting off as a Customer Service adviser, almost 5 years ago, Jo was a ‘Business Champion’ for a year, but was then promoted […]

Richard Love

Richard has a history of founding start-ups across several fields, from Alcohol to publishing, Renewables to Arts and Crafts. He’s worked across Europe, learning French and Spanish on his journey. […]

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