Introducing: The Art of Business. Really good resources for Devon creatives

What, Who, When, Where?

Join us for a month of free events throughout July, in Exeter, in Barnstaple and online. Aimed at Devon’s creative community, this short programme is delivered by experts in marketing, publishing, sculpting, photography and film.

Learn how to make a living in the creative industries. Hear stories from artists, filmmakers, sculptors, authors and publishers. Join workshops and webinars and come along to our in-person events to meet like-minded creatives, share tips and ideas and learn something new.

This course is for anyone involved in the creative industries. Whether you’d like to get paid for your side hustle, switch careers or build on an existing career, we have advice, resources and support at BIPC Devon.

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This session is based upon two years research into the lives of local artists and makers and recent ArtMakers’ discussions on how local visual artists make a living. It will cover the key aspects of starting out, how people sustain themselves while they grow their business and where to obtain support. Sign up, for free, via Eventbrite: 

Figure out if you can sell your skills and knowledge to boost your business income, through skills workshops, consulting, and online courses.

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Career paths through the photographic industries. Brendan and Becky will discuss the different roles and directions a person wishing to pursue a career in photography can take, and identify the skills and experiences they might need to be successful on their chosen path. Sign up for free at:

How do you build a website that reflects your passion, your creativity and your ethos as well as being commercially successful? Find out in this 1hr session.

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Learning how to market yourself as a business is your first step to turning your dreams into reality. In this masterclass, Becky will guide you through how to get your creative work seen by more people, how to sell your creative work online yourself and how to make social media work well for you. Sign up to this session on Eventbrite:

Come and meet other South West artists and creatives in this relaxed and informal networking session at Exeter Library, led by Becky Craven. Book your place now

Join Kesia Lupo, Senior Editor at Chicken House, and Bookbag’s Charlie Richards, as they discuss the various pathways to publishing.

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In this session, Matt will take you through his journey of how producing videos has won and lost him business, but all for the right reasons! 

He’ll look at how easy it is to produce your own quality videos with your mobile phone, the tips and techniques behind that, and how to present to camera too. Find it here:

Ben will discuss the life of a working musician & producer, how he makes a living from music and the many different shapes that can take.

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All live workshops and webinars were recorded and made available on our website so that you can watch (or re-watch) content in your own time.

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