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Bedroom to Business 2022 comes to a close!

After ten weeks of inspiring talks and non-stop networking Bedroom to Business 2022 has come to a close!

Facilitated and built by Claire Palmer, the free 10-week course is designed to support anyone with a budding business idea. Taking participants through the key skills needed to launch a successful small business.

Claire Palmer says;

“What I’ve personally loved most about delivering this course to people across Devon and Torbay is the absolute enthusiasm that people have shown in creating their businesses and driving them forward.

What we have been able to deliver with the BIPC, is that mindset that anything is possible so long as you put in consistent action to make that success possible.

I’ve loved seeing the transformation that people have gone through from ‘I want to do this, I think I should do this to I am doing this!’.

That has been absolutely incredible. So I would like to thank everyone that has been a part of this year’s cohort and if you are thinking of signing up for Bedroom to Business I really encourage you to do so!”

With hundreds of online attendees over the last ten weeks, BIPC has been able to support a huge variety of entrepreneurs. This year’s cohort has included up-and-coming businesses of all kinds, including; freelance Photographers, Virtual Assistants, Therapists, Hypno-Birthing Specialists and even a Surf Sock Company! 

Yao Douse  Freelance Photographer and Bedroom to Business Participant says; 

“I always wanted to start a business, but I didn’t know where to start. I had been coming to the library for so many years because of my children. Then I found out that there was BIPC here, I found this course, I got attracted by the name ‘Bedroom to Business’ and thought it was the course for me! 

It was really convenient because you could choose between online and in-person, but I’ve really benefited a lot from coming in person, I’ve met loads of really great people. The networking has benefitted me personally and my business!

For me, the biggest takeaway was the change in my mindset. Before I felt like ‘Should I do this, am I good enough to do this?’ but now I feel like I can do this and I will do this!”

You can find out more about Yao’s work here




Rebbecca Reece, Bedroom to Business Participant and Owner of  Devon Aqua Natal  says; 

“I decided to join Bedroom to Business because we’d been in Business for about nine years but during the pandemic we moved back down to Devon, so for me it was about making connections in Exeter. I knew Claire was amazing at delivering courses so it was something that I wanted to be a part of. 

What worked really well for me was that you had the online or you could come to in-person events. I managed my very first in-person event on the last day, I wish I had made more because it was just so lovely to be in a room with others doing some networking and and seeing how much effort goes in from Claire and Jo and everyone behind the scenes! 

The online sessions have been really handy as I’ve been able to do those in my own time, and it covers everything you need to know, whether you are a start-up, or whether you’ve been in business a bit longer like myself it’s got a bit of everything for everyone!

I have been in business for a long time, but I’ve had to shift and pivot because of the lockdown and moving to a new area. So for me what coming on this course has done has made me re-evaluate, made me look at what I need to be working on now.”

You can find out more about Devon Aqua Natal here!

What's Next?

The 10-week journey might be over, but if you have missed anything, all of our Bedroom to Business webinars are available to watch in your own time. 

If you’re looking for your next step and want to continue building your business further, then why not sign up for our free Business to Boardroom course hosted by James White? 


So that’s a wrap on Bedroom to Business 2022! 

We would like to say a massive thank you to Claire Palmer for designing and facilitating this course with so much enthusiasm and energy every week! To keep up to date with all things Clarity Coaching head over to her website here. 

We’d also like to say a huge thank you to all of the participants on this year’s course, we can’t wait to follow your business journeys and keep up to date with how your businesses grow!

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