BIPC stands for Business and Intellectual Property Centre.

BIPC Devon is for entrepreneurs, inventors, startups and small-medium businesses who want to learn and grow.

Whether you’re a complete novice with an idea for a business, or a small business looking for help in a particular area, BIPC Devon provides access to information and resources which can help your business to thrive and grow. 

Our webinars are open to anyone, regardless of location, although they will be aimed at a Devon audience. Our 1-to-1 bookings are only available for people based in Devon, due to demand and funding restrictions. 

At the moment, all of our online events are free so you do not need to pay to attend. Our 1-to-1 sessions are grant-funded, or generously donated by our experts to enable you to access information without having to pay. 

You can book a webinar or workshop through our Eventbrite page. To find the ticket links, head to the Events section of our website and click on the calendar event you want to book. 

Once you have booked, we will send you a pre-session questionnaire to make sure the session is suitable for you and to be able to provide your Expert with some background information on what you’re looking for in advance of your 1-to-1. You will need to complete your pre-session questionnaire within 24 hours of receiving the link, otherwise your booking will be cancelled and you will need to rebook. 

Once you have completed your pre-session questionnaire, we will be in touch to confirm your booking (and provide a contact to find a timeslot, if necessary). Your expert will be in touch in due course with a link for the call. 

Please note that 1-to-1 bookings are only available for Devon-based businesses.  

Due to demand, there is a booking limit of 1 session per Expert, per person, through BIPC Devon. 

If you’d like to book another session with the same Expert, please feel free to do this privately with them (charges may apply, as any follow-up appointments will not be BIPC Devon-funded sessions). 

Our webinars are run via Zoom. You will be sent an event link 24 hours before the webinar, and a reminder 1 hour before the webinar starts. 

A typical webinar will involve a 45-minute presentation, followed by a 10-15-minute Q&A with the presenter.  

Workshops are run very similarly to webinars but involve slightly more interaction, for example discussion in breakout rooms. You are welcome to join in via the Zoom chat function if you do not have access to a microphone or do not wish to speak out loud. 

We recommend that you have your camera on and are able to use a microphone to get the most out of our online events. However, we recognise that not everyone is able or comfortable to use these. 

You are more than welcome to leave your camera off and to use the Zoom chat function instead of a microphone, if you prefer. 

A 1-to-1 session is a chance to talk through an aspect of your business with an Expert in their field, to help you solve any problems or work out the next steps you can take. Our 1-to-1 sessions are currently taking place via Zoom call or over the phone.

There’s no need to feel nervous for these sessions – our Experts are all friendly faces who are there to help you learn. They won’t be expecting you to know everything!

BIPC Devon operates a 2-strike policy. This means that if you miss one 1-to-1 session, you will have the option to rebook. After 2 missed sessions, you will be unable to book a 1-to-1 with any of our Experts.  

This policy is to ensure that our customers get the best value from our Experts’ time.