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Intellectual Property

Protecting your ideas is paramount when developing an invention or design. By knowing and understanding your IP rights you can ensure that you are safeguarding your creativity effectively.

IP consists of four main areas: copyright, trademarks, patents and registered designs. Businesses of any size can be at risk of IP infringement, therefore ensuring you have the right form of protection is worth the time and effort, and it’s easier than you think!

We can give you basic IP information and signpost you to your next move. Visit us today or book a one-to-one appointment.

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Getting started

The IPO has produced a series of handy guides as part of their IP Health Check initiative.

Licensing Intellectual Property

Choosing the right IP advisor

Resolving IP disputes

Agreeing a price for Intellectual Property rights

Non-disclosure agreements

If you are conducting business overseas take a look at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) website, as well as their handy guide: What is Intellectual Property?



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