Protecting your ideas is paramount when developing an invention or design

IP consists of four main areas: copyright, trademarks, patents and registered designs.

By knowing and understanding your Intellectual Property rights you can ensure that you are safeguarding your creativity effectively. Businesses of any size can be at risk of IP infringement, therefore ensuring you have the right form of protection is worth the time and effort, and it’s easier than you think!

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1-2-1 Appointments

With Business & IP Centre Devon Need an overview of intellectual property, and how it can work for your business? Trying to work out how the trademarking process works, or what copyright actually covers? We

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Copyright protects a wide range of creative works – literary, artistic and musical, as well as most recordings and broadcasts, and most software. It protects you from other people copying your work, or using your

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Trade Marks

Trade marks protect your brand – examples could include your trading name, the name of your products or services, or your logo. By taking out a trade mark, you can ensure you’re free to use

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Patents protect inventions – how things work. They can add real long-term value to your business, enabling you to protect your inventions, or licence them out for others to use. Taking out a patent is

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Registered Designs protect the appearance of your product – this could be the shape or configuration of your product, or surface decoration and patterns. Registering your design gives you added protection from anyone using or

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Further Help

Here you’ll find a wealth of resources to help build your understanding of intellectual property and how you can protect the IP in your business. And don’t forget you can get individual help through our

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