Introducing: Create Your Own Life Story, a Self-Coaching Journey for Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Practical self-help mindset tools to help inspire you to face your fears, build self-confidence, identify needs, and manage those rollercoaster emotions

Launching on 6th February 2023, over four live workshops, William and Jane Murtha will walk you through a number of effective self-coaching tools that will inspire you to take back control of your life

Your Hosts

Will and Jayne Murtha are leadership, mindset and transformation coaches supporting Individuals, Leaders, Influencers, MPs, TV Stars, Young Mums, Entrepreneurs and Sports Elite to live their best lives.

At different times of their lives, they have both had near-death experiences which ultimately inspired them in the work they now do. Their joint passion is helping people to uncover their creative potential, so they can go on to live fulfilling and purposeful lives.

Will has published three books, the latest being: Create Your Own Life Story, which this 4-part series is based around. Passionate believers in the power of personal journaling, as an essential tool for self-development, together with Nutrition and Wellbeing Expert, Carey Davis-Munro; William and Jayne have founded Be Well and Thrive UK. Offering businesses 1-2-1 coaching and practical tools to help their people flourish and thrive, they also offer workshops and live events to promote the power that coaching brings to people’s lives.

In addition to the four live sessions, we will be releasing weekly bonus, pre-recorded sessions, if you’d like to hear about these, and get reminders about the course, please register below.

Is This for Me?

Simply put, Yes! If you’re running a small business, you are self-employed or even just at the ideas stage, then this course is for you!

We know that managing a business is stressful, so we collaborated with William & Jayne Murtha to help you to make the most of your most valuable business resource, that’s you!

This course has been designed so that the only thing you need to attend is the willingness to commit to our weekly sessions.

The principles are easy to follow, regardless of your experience and we encourage you to ask questions at the end of every session.

Step by step, week by week, we’ll cover the key tools that you’ll need to build greater resilience and uncover strategies for managing stress, like how to manage that self-condemning ‘inner critic’, build courage, and develop better habits.

So head over to our Eventbrite page now to sign-up to the live sessions!

Course Contents

Live sessions:

  • How to Move from Surviving to Thriving (When you are Self-Employed)
  • Building Solid Foundations for Positive Change That Sticks
  • Building Habits & Managing Energy
  • Creativity, Flow, Passion & Purpose

To take part in these live sessions please sign-up over on our Eventbrite page

Bonus Sessions (pre-recorded):

  • The “Why” of Coaching
  • Confidence
  • Practicing a “Power Hour”
  • Setting up a Regular Journal Practice for Personal Development
  • Managing Fear & Anxiety
  • The Importance of Developing Self Care & Compassion
  • Emotions
  • Overwhelm & Overthinking
  • Developing Resilience to Bounce Back
  • Energy Management

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The demands and life challenges we face today can often seem overwhelming. At times, it can all feel too much. Too much bad news. Too many struggles to think about, and fret about. This mini-course will offer mindset and self-help tools to quickly enable you to feel more balanced and grounded again, giving you better foundations for building a business!

William Murtha is the author of Create Your Own Life Story

Mindset Tools That Everyone Needs, But So Few Are Taught In Their Life

Strategies and mind-skills to coach yourself towards a fulfilling & meaningful life, one that you always knew was possible.

We all have a gap between who we think we can become, and where we are in life. What if there was a toolset for your mind, a Swiss army knife of practical, self-coaching tools ad strategies, which could support you over that bridge?

Creating meaningful change that sticks is more than having big dreams, setting lofty goals and working with the law of attraction. True transformation demands an understanding of behaviour change and how to build new habits while letting go of old, self-sabotaging ones. It requires learning how to manage your emotions, deal with paralysing fear and uncertainty, and requires us to learn techniques on how to quash overthinking and overwhelm.

In this book, William Murtha shares many of the simple mindset tools which have proven highly effective for many of his most successful 1-2-1 coaching clients. Building ‘mind-muscle’ is not so different to dragging your body to the gym. It takes self-discipline, desire, hunger and a willingness to learn new ways of seeing both yourself and the world around you. As he’s witnessed; change your thoughts and feelings and you really do create your own life story.

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