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The Business & IP Centre at Exeter and Barnstaple Libraries host a range of events and workshops to suit start-ups, entrepreneurs or businesses looking to learn new skills or research their industry.

Webinars run weekly on a variety of subjects and are a great way to get an overview of a new topic, or a refresher which can help you to look at your business plan in a new light. Whether you’re just starting out or an established business looking to grow, our webinars are useful, inspiring and informative.

One-to-ones are useful for enquiring about how you can access business information and support, to discuss a problem or question you have in a specific area of your business, or to find out more about Intellectual Property. Find out more information on our 1-to-1s page.

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Goal Setting – An Altogether Alternative Approach

April 11, 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

If you want to set goals to achieve results, make better decisions and improve your confidence, this session is for you!

• Do you have targets or goals to achieve?

• Ever found it an uphill struggle?

• Want to know why goal setting often doesn’t work?

Anyone who has failed to make a goal happen will know this feeling :

deflated, demoralised and fed up.


If you would like to avoid that feeling and want to experience the opposite instead, then this webinar is for you. If you are ready to make some real and deliberate positive changes then this webinar is for you.

Whether you are new to goal setting or more experienced, this session offers significant benefits unlike any other. It is different to conventional goal setting such as SMART and promises to be radically different.

The 60-minute session IS ALL ABOUT revealing the hidden reasons why typical conventional goal setting often not only doesn’t work, but can actually set you up to fail instead.

Instead, you will learn a higher yielding approach which has been proven to work and will give you a competitive advantage over your peers.

YOU WILL DISCOVER exactly what to look out for and how to ensure certain you do things differently next time. Because if you want something different to happen then YOU are the one who must do something differently to begin with. Right? Otherwise, how can you expect a different outcome?

“We cannot change other people, all we can do is change what we are doing, saying or seeing…”

YOUR TRAINER Gabi Glover who has over 14 years of experience shares her less than conventional approach insights and ideas. Teaching you to stop doing and start doing things that help produce the results you want.

Delivered in a user-friendly format that is simple to understand and easy to recall and apply immediately.

DESIGNED to help you be more aware of the pitfalls or mistakes to avoid and then know what else to do differently instead


• Why things go wrong

• What to look out for

• How to do it differently instead

YOU WILL LEARN practical, powerful and proven-to-work tips that can help achieve the goals, targets or end result you want whilst automatically changing habits, mindset and old ways on thinking – all in one hit!

BY THE END of the session, you will be able to use a new and alternative approach. You will take away a brand new method that will increase your ROI (return on investment) while using less time and energy than before.

About Gabi

Hi there! I’m Gabi Glover. Coach, trainer, guide, speaker and motivator. I have worked with thousands of people over the last 12 years.

I believe that confidence and the right speaking and listening skills can not only accelerate professional careers but transform lives—and, yes, potentially make you more money along the way!

Once having been shy and withdrawn, massively frustrated and deeply unhappy, my life then became ingrained in deep rooted transformational and life-long learning. I developed my own approach, work models, and several of my own signature training programmes, including, Cracking Confidence™ (public speaking), Accelerating Achievements™ (goal setting), Taking Intensity of out Interviews™ (performance), Stopping Self-Sabotage™ (awareness) and Anxious to Achieving™ (personal change), among others.

My clients range from early and experienced professionals to c-suite, start-ups, SMEs to freelancers and private individuals.

Whether you’re stuck in a cesspool of frustration or self-doubt, struggling with nerves, judgement, imposter syndrome or simply feeling left behind or not quite where you’d like to be – personally or professionally.

Now what’s stopping you from achieving the success you want?

Booking/Joining information

Zoom webinar – details will be sent to you 24 hours before the session via email.

The session will be recorded for BIPC Devon’s archive. You are free to leave your cameras on or turn them off as you prefer. There will be a chance to ask questions during the session, which you can do via video/audio or by using the Zoom chat function.

If there is anything we can do to help you access this session more easily, please do get in touch at

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April 11, 2022
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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