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James White

James White is the Small Business Sales Expert. He is a keynote speaker, author, trainer and mentor for sales professionals and ambitious small business owners and their sales teams.

With over 25 years of sales and marketing experience including 16 in running his own businesses, James White knows what it takes achieve business success.

James is the founder of James White Sales Success and the Sales Success Academy. He co-authored Amazon’s Bestseller, Sales Genius 1. He is the Sales Mentor for Shifts to Success, South West Business Expo and a number of other groups, whilst managing equity investments in a number of small businesses.

James had a successful career as a Sales and Marketing Director for large international computer networking firms such as 3Com and delivered results and relationships which gave him a six-figure salary and multi-million-pound budget responsibility before the age of 30.

A major life event and the disillusion of corporate life prompted James to embark on his own journey as a small business owner in 2005. James set out to build and then grow an online, subscription based software business without major capital investment and without huge sales and marketing resources. James built this business to sales of just under £1m of recurring revenue before deciding to focus on his passion of sales training and mentoring.

Simply put, there is a right way and a wrong way to approach selling. Through the building and growing of his own small businesses, James’ has adapted 20 years of his own sales mistakes and successes and developed a practical method that sales professionals and small business owners can use to achieve a consistent, secure and stable income in their business.

James also delivers bespoke sales content at business events or as part of his training programs and Academy. James has reached thousands of people, delivering his insights and unique methodology via his YouTube Channel @jameswhitesales.

James has helped over 120 businesses in the last 12 months alone. He works directly with a range of clients over several industries, helping them to build their sales structures, skills, and knowledge to grow and scale their companies. With sales experience in both the corporate and small business, business and consumer environments, James has all the knowledge and insight to help business owners and sales professionals who feel they are doing well but could be doing even better.