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Gabi Glover

Public Speaking Trainer. Confidence Coach. Growth and Development Consultant 

Gabi Glover has been helping business owners, start-ups, SMEs and freelancers grow their business and develop their professional skills for over a decade now. This is largely by teaching public speaking delivery skills and how to feel more confident when speaking in front of others by providing the skills, tools and resources needed to achieve better and more efficient results, using less time and energy than before. 

She is a certified Master Coach Practitioner and Performance Consultant, holding a BA Hons International Business and numerous Trainer certifications (including Train the Trainer). Her mission is to make you feel more comfortable through sharing practical tips and simple structures to increase engagement levels and reduce self-doubt and nerves. These skills can then assist you with leading and influencing in more powerful ways. 

Once shy and awkward, Gabi can empathise with the challenges people face in relation to speaking. Her own experiences are why she now dedicates her professional career helping others to do the same. Her track record demonstrates her success in this area in building confidence, strengthening mindset and problem solving using practical, creative and innovative methods. This can involve anything from personalised coaching and training, the use of accelerated learning techniques and her own models, together with neuro-logical re- patterning. 

Known for her energy and solutions, Gabi has a way of making information simple to absorb yet easy to recall while producing noticeable improvement in the area you want. The sessions are interactive and useful in a variety of work and business situations such as meetings, presentations, one-to-one or when networking.  

Drawing on her years of experience from a high-end automobile manufacturing (Bentley and VW Group) to a major digital tech giant (IBM) with a commercial retailer (Estee Lauder) and the education sector (public and private) and finance (AFEX)  she has the skill set to help you grow your business.

Beyond her professional life, Gabi has a long-standing interest in the energetic (metaphysical and unseen-by the naked eye) as well as the alternative and holistic field. She enjoys teaching relaxation techniques and facilitates emotional intelligence workshops, master-classes and seminars.

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If you have any additional requirements which will help you to access a 1-to-1 session, please let us know and we'll do our best to help.

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