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March High Street Hero: The Tribe

Stacey Sheppard is founder of The Tribe in Totnes. Stacey is a freelance writer, journalist and professional blogger. In 2019, she started to work from home, alone, and quickly realised just how isolating and lonely that can be. She went in search of a local coworking space but couldn’t find one that made her want to leave the comfort of her own home and start commuting to work again. Having watched the emergence of design-led and women-only coworking spaces popping up in cities around the world, Stacey had hoped for something similar in rural Devon. Knowing full well that this was unlikely to happen, she decided to take matters into her own hands and open her own work hub. She knew that with her background in interior design she could easily create a beautiful and welcoming coworking space and open it up to other women in a similar situation. In January 2020, after just four months of preparation and planning, she opened The Tribe, a small boutique coworking space in central Totnes, designed to offer a sense of community, connection and collaboration to local women in business. BIPC Devon talks to Stacey about her small business journey… The beautiful space

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A Spotlight On: Laura Horton

A Spotlight On: Laura Horton, Plymouth Laureate of Words When a 23-year-old Laura Horton came across a vintage Christian Dior pencil skirt, black and gold with deep pockets it seemed to be the perfect symbol for who she wanted to become, someone thin, stylish and successful, like the women she saw in Vouge or on Sex and the City. She had been visiting her brother in California when she spotted the store, and in it the skirt bearing a $10 tag– the first designer piece she had ever been able to afford.  When Horton returned to the UK, it sparked what would become an utterly ‘suffocating’ decade-long shopping compulsion. Having moved from Plymouth to London to work she signed up to a notification from every sample sale in the city, organizing her freelance schedule around it.  Laura Horton, now the Plymouth Laureate of Words charts her obsession with fashion in her Fringe First winning show ‘Breatheless’ produced by the Theatre Royal Plymouth and showing this week at the SOHO theatre.  BIPC Devon talks to Laura about her journey toward making a living as a writer, de-mystifying funding, freelancing and more…           Images by Flavia Fraser-Cannon. How ‘Breathless’ began… Laura says; “Breathless (Laura

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