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Women in Business returns for 2024!

BIPC Devon is launching their Women in Business Course on behalf of Teignbridge District Council utilising Shared Prosperity Funds (SPF) on June 7th at Newton Abbot Library.

Our free course designed by, and for, women who are starting and developing their own businesses is being run again this year by the Business & Intellectual Property Centre in Devon (BIPC).

The 7 week course (starting on 7th June) is being rolled out after the immense success of 2023, with the aim of exploring the particular challenges women may face, and to help develop key business skills.

Jo Lawrence, Senior Supervisor of Libraries Unlimited states “Data shows that female entrepreneurs outperform their male counterparts. Even though men have a significant advantage in raising funds, companies founded or co-founded by women do better along several dimensions than companies started by men. Women founders tend to build businesses that generate more revenues, create higher job growth, dream bigger, and execute better. And yet Female-founded businesses are often overlooked for funding.

Our Course is designed to support female entrepreneurs and small business owners by developing skills in branding, marketing, photography, web-design, and sales, whilst also providing coaching on mindset, confidence and self-worth. We all know that imposter syndrome and low self-confidence can stop us from achieving our dreams, and this is definitely a barrier for many women.

Female entrepreneurship can transform the way we do business, and the way we view work, build a stronger economy, and improve our local business communities. We want this to happen in Devon, and by providing tailored and specific support we hope to encourage more women to start and grow a business right here in our county.”

Previous Women In Business courses spring boarded several Devon-based entrepreneurs to take the leap and fully commit to their business dreams, resulting in some real success stories such as Maya Joy Design. Maya says “It gave me a huge confidence boost. Both my mentor, course leaders and peers were able to see value in what I was doing, and this encouraged me to keep going. It also offered accountability because once I commit, I don’t like to give up!

Without this course I would have still been trying to navigate what to do next. The women in business course provided a natural timeline and pushed me to do things, which I had never done before.”

BIPC Devon, run on behalf of Libraries Unlimited, is funded by the SPF to help entrepreneurs, inventors, start-ups and small to medium businesses who want to learn and grow.

BIPC Devon’s Women in Business Course will run from June to July and will feature weekly webinars and workshops, interactive sessions, clinics and networking opportunities as well as 1-1 support. The material will be recorded so participants can review it at their own pace.

This two-month course will cover:

  • Building Self-Confidence
  • Creating Your Social Media Persona
  • Developing Resilience
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Networking and Support Systems
  • Pitching and Presenting


The first workshop will take place at Newton Abbot Library, Exeter on 7th June.

To enrol visit:

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