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At BIPC we believe in the power of women.

Female entrepreneurship can transform the way we do business, and the way we view work, build a stronger economy and improve our local business communities.

Our free, twelve week Women in Business course is built and delivered by women who want to empower others. If you’d like to join in, simply sign up to the live sessions on Eventbrite or register using the button below.

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We know that female-led businesses have an overwhelmingly positive impact on the economy and society: Female-led businesses have closed the gender pay-gap in Green-tech. Female-led businesses are found to have a better culture. Women are more likely than men to think that social, ethical and environmental considerations in business are important. In the US female-led businesses even deliver higher revenues and higher returns for venture capital investors. 

In the UK, however women are less likely than men to start their own businesses, and we want to change this! By providing tailored and specific support, we hope to encourage more women to start and grow a business here in Devon. So why not join a community of women through your local library, for free?!

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Course Contents

The course is designed to support and develop female entrepreneurs and small business owners by developing key business skills, and providing coaching on how to invest in your biggest asset, which is you!

This course will focus on five key areas:

Women in Business will run from March to May, with weekly webinars and workshops, interactive sessions, networking opportunities and 1-1 support. All live workshops and webinars will be recorded so that you may enjoy the course at your own pace. There will be opportunities to join up with existing female focused communities for coworking and networking throughout the course as well as the opportunity to sign up to ongoing mentoring.

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